Piston made a new type of operating system that enables agile development teams to quickly deploy new services, frameworks and orchestration tools on commodity hardware, without wrestling with infrastructure plumbing.

My Role

I was their main designer for their collateral, digital designs, website, and swag. I worked closely with the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer to execute on their vision of the brand.


  • Web Development (CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Git)
  •  Adobe Suite
  • Google Analytics
  • Marketo and Salesforce


Piston's Brand

Piston's brand was unlike any other tech company's brand in Silicon Valley. Instead of hoodies, they wore bow ties. Instead giving a backpack to new employees, their onboarding swag was a Goorin Brother's hat. Their Fancy Fridays were legendary. Their products were named after Princess Bride characters and they loved midcentury modernism; so much so, they were featured in Herman Miller's catalog.



Piston's collateral aimed to be more than stuffy tech material.