2017 – The Year I (Unknowingly) Learned How To Blog

Thanks to Spotify's customized yearly wrap up, I found out I spent over 51k minutes listening to music on Spotify. That's 850 odd hours (35 days) of music. I've created a playlist every month for the past 3 years, but I didn't think it amounted to that much listening. 

Like most former English Majors, I've always toyed around with the idea of starting a blog. However, any spurt of inspiration I'd have for a topic would very quickly and quietly die with lack of motivation and content – and as it turns out, you need ample amounts of both for writing! (RIP 365 ways to Make a Scarf or Melissa's Restaurant and Concert Reviews).

Maybe 51k minutes of music is nothing to some people, but that seems like enough steady content and motivation to me! So with my painless penchant for maintaining a log of music, I thought I'd turn that music log into a blog blog! (Look ma! No hands!)

I'll be starting with my 2017 Top 100 Most Played Songs and then work chronologically weekly until all of that music logging is up. Hope you enjoy.