Selected Projects:

Design System

I was tasked to build the design processes on several products under the MongoDB University umbrella, including their online-learning application and their documentation websites. For this casestudy, I’ll focus on designing MongoDB University’s online-learning application design system and process. 

Product Design

MongoDB's Documentation Website receives tens of thousands of visitors. On a weekly basis, we receive edits on documentation. It's the main point of reference for developers building applications with MongoDB. 

Brand Design

With a focus on midcentury modern design, Piston's brand was unlike any other tech company in Silicon Valley. Instead of hoodies, they wore bow ties. Instead of a backpack, their onboarding swag was a Goorin Brother's hat.

Visual Design System

MongoDB World is an annual user conference and is by far their largest community event with thousands of attendees from around the world. This was my second year planning the conference's brand designs system.